modchip not working on a Model 2 32-pin IC

My Saturn is a PAL model 2 with a 32 pin IC and a 21 pin lens cable, I thought these were easy to mod, however i'm having problems. I have soldered the signal wire to pin 14 of the 32 pin IC, not the A->B method.

After installing the chip, I can play originals fine, but when I try to play backups:

Normal startup animation

Goes straight to CD player

Green cubes on sides

Won't even play audio track

Also, it doesnt check the disc very long. Its loaded the disc by the time I get to the CD player screen. The game i'm trying to play is Radiant Silvergun (PAL patched). The modchip was bought from Racketboy.

Any suggestions?

I have searched the forum, but nearly all topics about modchip problems are from 64 pin ICs or a Sanyo SS.

Thanks :)

edit: I tryed using Marvel vs StreetFighter, and it does the same thing, but I can listen to the CD music tracks.
how are you burning the games? you cant burn them to fast or it will cause errors i burn at x4 but some people do up to 8 also make sure u get good rips theres alot of junk floating around on the net
I thought it may be a bad burn, but I downloaded Radiant Silvergun from and lots of other people verified that the torrent worked fine. I burned at 6x on Sony CD-R.

I think its more likely the chip than the games, perhaps I have overlooked something?

Thanks :)
hmm theres not much to overlook just 2 wires one to pin 14 and one to +5 on the psu ive never heard of a bad chip like that but ask racktetboy he would know!
Yeah, i cant really see anything going wrong hardware wise, but i'm sure that the discs im burning should work. Hopefully i'm just burning the wrong. I'm gonna download a small PAL game and see if that will work. If i have been burning them wrong then so far ive made 3 coasters.

I tested the points on the PSU, does it matter that the outputs are 5.2v not 5v? it's a 5 pin PSU.
I should of had faith in Racketboy :p

Through bad luck all 4 ISO's I d/l were broke, I ripped my own game and burnt using Nero at 4x and it works perfectly.

It seems that the Saturn is a lot more difficult to burn games for than the DC.

Thanks for the help crazygoat :)