Modding A Saturn

Ok, I looked in Newbies101, and it wasnt answered there, and I figured this would be the best place to put this question, as its NOT a 'how do i burn game X' question.

Where, or HOW did you guys get your Saturns modded to play copies of games? or.. ahem.. should I say... "backups"?

Im very confused in this subject, I dont know if its a chip, a board that plugs into the back (where VCD card goes), if its oNLY done with a swap trick, etc.

Ive had a switch-modded saturn, for territorial lock out removal, but i know thats not it.. Im just looking for some info, because I want to be able to play backups on my most recent Saturn, its not modded in any way, and ive NEVER had luck with the swap trick on any system.

Thanks, and I hope me posting this is ok, and I hope im not banned.
UPDATE - Well, It dawned on me to do a search for similar posts on this board, and I found one, and a website link...

Ill be ordering one shortly.

I dont really know how to do soldering, (i suck) so is there any way I could get this done by someone?
ordering from gamegizmo's pr'lly a good idea, i peeped their prices yesterday and they're about 2x what lan kwei's are, but today i had to mail a fedex envelope to hong kong and the shipping charges came to about 25$, so the extra you spend on the order will be balanced out by the savings in shipping (also the savings in frustration while you wait for the damn thing to arrive)