MODEL 2 emulation: the day has come?


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i'm waiting for it, everyone (interested) are waiting for it, let's talk about it, maybe the wait won't be so long, if at least it turns out to be a Vivanonno-like project.
All i know is that it will be Model 2B/C

Model 2 and Model 2A are VERY undocumented unfortunatly... classics like Daytona and VF won't come easy


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well sonic fighters has shown good progress on model 2 emulation so far........just hope for the best.......


Sonic Fighters has shown good progress on Model 2B. It uses some quite well documented DSPs.

Model 2C uses documented processors as well, so hopefully those games are only a matter of time.

Model 1, 2 and 2A use a completely undocumented chip and will be extremely difficult to reverse engineer. Never say never though...