Model 2 Laser issue.

i bought the modchip and installed it but it looks like my laser is weak. I dont have any original game so i cant test with original game. I cleaned the laser eye, lubricated the gears and tried to reposition the spindle but didn't effect anything. Looks like laser cannot focus to me. It booted just for one time and didn't boot again

1) how do i know if the spindle is in right position or not

2) should i try to adjust the pots?
Seems that Modchip isn't working. The CD Drive is trying to Auth the disc as a original one because it is going to end of the CD.

Do Saturn show the total tracks and total disk time?

Please recheck your Modchip installation procedure and if the cables are fitted correctly. Check too the pickup flat cable for any damages and installation.

A original Game is a good way to start debug this problem, but the pickup can do good readings on original media e bad readings on burned medias.