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I can't believe no one has brought this up. According to this site:,24103,

they might be releasing a couple of Mother games. For those who don't know, mother is the original name for the Earthbound series. Earthbound is actually Mother 2, while the original Mother was never released in America (though you can find the nes rom of it online, it was completed but never released). The games are a tongue-in-cheek satire of the Dragon Quest series, except you play a boy and wield baseball bats in modern Japan (or America, depending where you get the game). The game has a huge cult following for apparently no substantial reason. The graphics were subpar, even on the SNES and the story's a bit tacky... but it's all so alluring. Imagine Yatsushiro (excuse my spelling) Ozu making an snes rpg and you have Earthbound. It's quirky take on the UFO invasion films of the fifties is somewhat periperhy IMO, but god it's addicting. It's really the only RPG that I am willing to play over and over again just for the experience. I've read of hardcore players that will spend 80 hours on FFVII AGAIN just to get everything: I'm having trouble getting past disc one as we speak. I'm not that kind of gamer. But Earthbound is an exception. Just the hint of these games getting ported made me download the rom and emulator to experience it all over again (I own the game, don't worry!). Earthbound has gone through development hell. Originally there was a third game to be released on the N64 but it was canned, to ire of many: it was the only reason some people bought the N64. With that in consideration, there is and should be a lot of doubt behind this rumor. But I hope to God it's true. If this game (which would be a compiliation of Mother 1/Mother 2 or Earthbound 0/Earthbound with enhanced graphics) comes out, please get this game, or at least try it out. Strong sales will ensure future games to come out. It's an easy game to get into and the atmosphere is addicting.

What have you guys heard? Are any of you excited by the prospect??


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sounds cool, but the link gives an error

didn't see anything about it on the site's main page either


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I posted a couple of links at NX about it from the same site, so check those out if you're interested. I'd post them again, but it's better to encourage you to click on the NX link once in a while


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thanks -- I checked it out on NX -- pretty exciting

Too bad I'm not gonna have enough time to play all these RPGs

I'm still working on Skies of Arcadia and Golden Sun

Plus I have a stack of good PSX and Saturn RPGs to play