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Ok on my saturn I have my 3d controller in port 1 and a multitap in port 2 with no controllers on the multitap...

Sometimes when I play a game... I get to the menu and when it says "press start" or whatever I press start and every button possible and it doesn't register... But if I unhook my multitap from port 2, I can then press start and play..

Are some games just picky like that?

The last game that did it was Blast Wind (J) which is a shooter if that helps.
Not all games support multi-tap
Well I figured that was it, but I was just wondering why it would hurt to have it plugged in if I wasn't utilizing it. Software obviously doesn't write for it in certain games.
I have more useless information to share...

Apparently the US multitap and the European multitap are identical except for the cable length (the European is the same as the Japanese, US is much longer).

Also I think I just won a gray multitap on ebay. :cheers