My Sega CD picks

See my related post on the Genesis forum.

Basically I tried out several hundred genesis games in emulation so I could decide which ones I wanted to buy.

Unfortunately the process wasn't so easy for the SegaCD, at least not on a dial-up internet connection. I ended up just basing my choices off of many reviews, rather than actually trying things out.

(change of thought)

Ok actually I took the brute force approach and decided I'd try them all, considering segacd games are dirt cheap anyway, as are genny games, but you can actually count the total number of cd shooters/sims on two hands or less... And I figured that even if the game sucks the soundtrack will probably make up for it. I've always enjoyed segacd music.

So rather than just list every segacd game in this post, I'll just ask for a recommendation on a couple of the iffy ones on my list:

Mega Race: The graphics look good, but reviews say gameplay sucks. I remember tyring this out in 3do many years ago, and not liking it. Recommend I buy or avoid?

Devastator (japanese shooter): I already have every other shooter on my list, but this one seems difficult to find, and I read one review that said it wasn't any good. Recommend I buy or not bother?

Crime Patrol, Mad Dog 1, 2: These games require the ALG gamegun, which is expensive to get, so unless I get a gamegun, I won't bother. But I"m not sure if these games are fun enough to warrant getting a gamegun? I loved the lethal enforcer games.

Well, the subject of this posts says "my pics", so if you care, my pics are every single segacd shooter, sonic cd, EC, road rash, LE 1&2, final fight, and an occasional FMV (cobra command, rebal assault, sewer shark, Ranma, UY), batman returns & robin, thunderstrike).

I have no idea what these games are like with a gamegun so I'm just basing it on controller handling, same with Lethal Enforcers. ALG games do not handle any way close to how Lethal Enforcers are handled. ALG are FMV shooters, so if you fail to shoot a guy at the proper time Game Over, or if you have enough money go to the doctor and continue. Sometimes you don't know know who you're supposed to shoot until it's to late. Targeting is very picky, sometimes you can't even shoot a guy until it's the correct moment to shoot him. To clarify further, it's not even the same style of FMV shooting as Sewer Shark or Surgical Strike, which are way easier to control. The closest I can describe the FMV shooting in ALG games is like that ground combat scenes in Midnight Raiders only worse.