n64 emulator for DC

he is not being truthfull with us perfect dark and bond are roms well over the size of the dc's mem they cant possibly be working on the dc dcemulation needs to think before they post news
about 75% of the "news" they post are bullshit.

if you'd email them and tell them "eye g0tz a gamec00p 3mu für dc haxed up fr0m the sm4shpack emu, will send proof s00n", they'll post it right away.
Quote: from Mo Threat on 5:04 am on Nov. 14, 2001

Holy shit! I can't believe it's possible, but a little part of me hopes it is.

I know how you feel, but you know it isn't true.

The "formal email" on the site has all sorts of bad grammar, and quite frankly, sounds like bullshit to make lamers excited...
Well, im hopping its true, even though it probly isn't. Im not the only one that would like to see a N64 emu on the DC, a lot of my freinds would to. Too bad I don't have a link cable for my DC-PC, or for that matter, the slightest idea of how to make an emulator. Anyone here ever made a working emu?
Yeah, but not for the DC. Mine was called SAGE (Sigh, Another Genesis Emulator) and was for DOS, slow, no sound, completely in C and some Pascal with crappy ass Allegro for graphics. No one but my friends ever saw it.
Cool, But


Really, The site is run by some people who think there l33t hack0rs. Well the people here who have those ranks are real ones lol.
Not to mention that the news was posted by 007Cheater, who has demonstrated a less than optimum amount of intelligence on that site in the past.

Jumping over there, I notice that the next news post (not by 007Cheater) starts out with: "Finally some news from an actual coder we all know who has contributed programs to the scene." ... somehow I doubt that this is merely a coincidence :). Maybe there's hope for that site yet.

In addition to the memory limitations being an obvious problem with such an emu (particularly given a couple of the titles he lists as working), the email also makes reference to the N64's "complicated sound system channels". AFAIK, N64's "sound system" is little more than a RAMDAC, and relies on the CPU or RCP/RSP to do actual sound processing. Another obvious piece of BS is the screenshot; when you hype an emulator it's customary to show a screenshot of the emu *running something*, not a pic of your GUI...
and apparently there was a big uproar about 007cheater, how he had segagen on the site for a while, and also had the browser image, which was apparently illegal...

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