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I'm spearheading the HTML build of the site. All I request now is that people try and help out with a logo for the site. Logo is a must!

Also any suggestions are a MUST! Need to know the info that you people wanna see.

You can get a hold of me thru SX at any time as i check my messages regularily.
I already got an email for it, haha. They spelled it wrong though.

There actually are 2 spelling errors on it. Both the and the log are wrong. Have you decided what exactly your going to put on the site for content?
Anything dealing with the NEC company. Of course the site will revolve mainly around these following systems: PCFX, TG16, Supergrafx, DUO, Coregrafx, PC Engine. I'll try to add in some of the NEC computer line as well.

I call out to anyone familiar with running and setup of ikonboard. Personally I havent used it much so i'm not all that ship shape with the operations and setup of it.

I would also like to see if people can send submissions for the logo of the site, the one that I have isn't going to be the one that is used forever and I figure this way the community can get involved. send submissions to