Need help burning saturn games...

with mode 2 as the 2nd track.

I just downloaded Christmas Nights cause my friend lost my original. And I've been trying to burn it, but I keep gettin Cue Sheet rejected by CD Recorder in CDRwin.

I noticed that the first track is Mode 1/2048

maybe it's that. anyone have any info to help.
um is the game in iso+mp3 or bin format? if its bin all it is a simple changing the mode from what i hear but i can't remember what mode bin's run in.
you could always use binchunker to extract the isos mode 1 and mode 2, then extract the audio files and burn them in this order, mode 1 iso, mode 2 iso, audio 1, audio 2....etc etc etc. that should do the trick for you.
ok, i did as you said and used BINchunker

but i noticed that my file sizes aren't the same as in the Cuesheet. my Track 1 iso is only 25.9MB while it's 27MB in the cuesheet and Track 2 iso is 249MB and it's 262MB in the cuesheet.

is that normal or is something messed up?
normally an iso will be smaller than a bin file. as iso gets the mp3's ripped out of it usually and iso uses some compression.
how would i go about burning them in session like you mentioned in CDRwin??

i've only used CDRwin to burn Dreamcast games, so i really don't know how to use it.
Honestly, I only use Fireburner 1.06 to burn things, your best bet is to grab that, then just click and add the files to the sheet and burn away, always works every time.
Have you tried FireBurner v2.11?

I have so many problems with FB 1.06, but with FB 2.11 you can`t read TOC and burn ISOS, so have the two versions installed at the same time.

If you want, e-mail me a DETAILED log of what you do, 'cause I also have Christmas NiGHTS
well I won't be burning it right now or trying

I downloaded Fireburner 2.11 and it messed up my computer, so I was forced to reformat and lose everything. I spent the whole day just trying to find my discs I need for drivers.