Need help finding an AES system

Hey Guys,

I'm a big fan of the Neo, but I don't have a Geo! I've been doing emulation, but I want the real thing, but I'm strapped for cash. Does anyone know where I can find a low price for an AES system? I live in Omaha, Nebraska if that helps. Thanks.
Low price and AES system are two things that never belong in the same sentence.

If you want a cart based Neo system, be prepared to spend LOTS of cast (as in $100-$400) for the system and games (that's individually mind you).

If you're a poor-boy like everyone else in America at the moment thanks to gigantic recessions, companies laying off their entire work force, and corp. execs stealing people's retirement funds, then you will probably want to go with a NeoGeo CD system. See the other thread for pros/cons about the two systems.

You could alwyas go the route I did and build your own arcade cabinet and run Kawaks or NeoMAME in it. Including parts I harvested from old computers, it cost about $300 to build.