need help how to use the saturn country changer.

ok i burnt my first game steep slope works, but i have to use my 4 meg cart to use it.I used winwar and mp32 wav and easy cd pro 95.

How do i make the saturn country promgram thing work so i dont have to use the cart.

please help..

i want to be able to play my next game with out the cart metal black.

any info would be helpful.thanks
Load up satcconv, click "Open ISO file", select your iso file, if it's in .bin format, you gonna, Change "File of Types" to .bin, and once you opened the file, select the Region for your system (you, being USA/CANADA) so select it from the menu to the right, and then click "Patch ISO FILE" and you should say one of the stuff at the button change to U.
I've noticed that sometimes, when patching mode1 2352, bin or iso files... satconv (or its win32 version) doens't work, it just keeps the same country code (and it said "iso patched!").

In that cases, what I use to do, is to convert it to a mode1 2048 iso file, and then patch it... do this with binchucker (or fireburner...).

If you're iso is already mode1 2048, then I don't know what can be wrong....
k thanks that worked

i had wrong saturn converter.



Ripped by -=OEM=-

2D Arcade shooter from Taito.

Note: Audio is mp3Pro. There's no need to convert to wav,

use Nero to burn the enclosed cuesheet directly (File -> Burn Image,

open "Metal Black Cuesheet.cue").

do you know how nero works i never use it before.

Please stop asking really basic questions and start looking for answers yourself.

The search function of these forums is a good place to start. The Miscellaneous section is a great resource too. If they don't help, there's always Google.

Try it, you might surprise yourself and learn something.
There's a fine line between genuinely not knowing what to do and being to lazy to search a forum with over 60000 posts for a possible answer.