Need Help with 32 X

Hi! I´ve just bougt a 32X. The roblem is that I don´t know how yo connect it. I mean. It came with an ac adaptor and a cable. One end is the standard Megadrive 1 male av out ant the other end is the mini out. The cable plugs perfectly in my Megadrive 1 and in any of the two ports in the back of the 32 X. Then I use RF and I hook the Megadrive to the tv. The problem is that I only get megadrive graphics. I mean, in Mortal Kombat 2, i.e. I only get the backgrounds but I can´t see the fighters. I know that everything is working properly because I can play the game. I can fight and lose (because I see no fighters). I guess that one cable is missing.

Can I make a cable, in case one it´s missing?

If so, how?

I also got a strange piece of metal with the system. What it is for?

Thanks everyone out there.

Spanish Don Gloton. :)
32X uses a "pass through" arrangement for video, in other words you need to hook up the MD to the 32X's AV in, as you've done, then connect the AV output of the 32X to your TV.

The 32X has the same type of output as the Mega Drive 2 (9 pin mini DIN) so a suitable cable shouldn't be too difficult to find.

As for the metal part, it's just for RF shielding. The 32X will still work without it.

I forgot to mention, if you want to make your own cable, you can get the pinout from

If you're making a SCART cable you should fit a 75 ohm resistor in series on each of the Red, Green and Blue lines.


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Hey Thanks a lot!!!

I´ll try to make the cable because I live in Spain and here it´s very hard to find these scart cables for the megadrive.