Need help with Burning Rangers

I've recently download Burning Rangers from the SegaXtreme hub and I burned it right away, but it goes straight up to the cd player screen. My Saturn is modded, but even if someone wonders, it doesn't seem that the system is trying to read the protection ring, since there isn't that lens moving sound. After it gets to the cd player screen, I get no message errors, but I'm able to listen the audio track.

After that, I tried to have a look at the image to see if anything could have gone wrong, and according to Cdmage, the iso isn't Mode 1 (2048) nor Mode 2 (2352). At first I thought it could be a bad image, but there are SO many people with that same image in the hub that I find that little possible. Then I thought it could be a bad download, but I guess I would get an error while I was uncompressing the RAR file, so I guess that's not the case either.

Anyone has any suggestions? I'm really curious about this game
Sega Cue Maker says it's Mode 1 2352, but when I try to open it in Cdmage using that information, it says it's not

Also, when I divide the size of the iso per 2352, I don't get an integer number, so I don't think it's really 2352.
humm, when you say that you divide by 2352 what value are you using? File size, or file size ON disk? you should use FILE SIZE.

either way.. i suppose it is a iso+mp3 rip, right?
Yes, the one I was using was Iso+mp3

But yesterday I downloaded another iso from a server listed in the FTP section and it worked fine after I converted it to 2048 using Cdmage. By the way, this new rip I downloaded was bin+cue

Thanks for everyone who helped
Why did you convert it to 2048?

2352 is just fine..

Edit: unless your burner has issues when burning 2352 isos patched by satconv...