need info on arcade cabinets

Me and my friends are trying to buy an arcade cabinet, but I need some questions to be answered:

1.) Will any arcade board fit into any arcade cabinet? (ex: TMNT 4-player board into The Simpsons cabinet)

2.) What kind of monitors could we use to display the game?

3.) What good websites sell arcade boards/cartridges (ex: the Saturn Titan boards, maybe SNK ones)?

4.) What websites have detailed instructions to hook up an arcade board to a cabinet?

5.) Can I connect a Titan/STV board to a JAMMA arcade cabinet?

That's all the questions I have so far. Right now I bought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles JAMMA board, and I'm trying to find an inexpensive cabinet with four joysticks to connect it to. If any of you could help me, I would appreciate it.
1) there's several standards. the most common one is JAMMA. any JAMMA compatible game will work in a JAMMA cab.

2) well, there's low, med and high res monitors. lowres is most common and equals a RGB tv.

3) ebay is your best bet, and

4) the ST-V is jamma compatible.

make sure you get a 6 button cab (6 for each player), or it'll be a bitch to add new buttons.
also try Hanaho, they make cabinets for the arcade industry, but also make individual ones for putting a PC inside, but I´ve heard that they can built one with a double connection, Jamma and PC (for emulation purposes). They also make the great HotRod joystick.

Oh, and if you want a bigger or different cabinet for home, just ask them. They´ll be happy to build it according to your specs, even a mega-deluxe one with a 50inch monitor is possible (just remember, what they´re using are MONITORS not TVs, so the price can get a little steep even if these things just run at quite low resolutions. But the picture is worth it!)
if you live in houston texas, you can get a cabinet for $25 from a place called houston arcade repair center in the heights. BTW, i know this is illeagle, but putting a pc into it and playing mame is absolutly AWSOME!!!
As far as I know MAME itself is not illegal (it might be under 17 USC Sec. 1201, but that law is a bit questionable at the moment), and there's at least one ROM set (Robby Roto) that is legal to distribute because the copyright is held by the individual programmer, who gave permission to distribute it for use with MAME.

What I'd like to know is the copyright status of some of the games whose developers have gone under (and whether or not some of the recently less active developers such as Toaplan and Technos are in fact gone). It would be pretty neat if these games effectively became public domain, but from what I've seen of copyright law, it pretty much never favors the public domain :(.
Thunder Force is Technosoft. Technos is the company responsible for such classics as Double Dragon, River City Ransom, Super Dodgeball, and WWF Wrestlefest. Looking at KLOV, it seems that they haven't made an arcade game since 1996 (Neo-Geo Super Dodgeball, and from what I've heard the production numbers were seriously limited).

There is a Super Dodgeball game for Gameboy Advance, but it's apparently developed by another company (possibly formed from the ashes of Technos so to speak. but I can't really find much info on them). I'm really starting to think that Technos (the company, not necessarily the development teams) is dead - how often do arcade companies go five years without releasing a new game?
Found this on IGN:

"Technos Japan and their US publishing arm American Technos collapsed in bankrupcy between 1997 and 1999, but the defunct company's president Kunio Taki has recently taken up new projects for, among other things, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance."

So I guess Kunio (I wonder where they got Riki from...) is still kicking, even if Technos isn't. Now the question is, does the new company (Million, apparently) own the copyrights to the old Technos games? I know next to nothing about Japanese copyright law, but my guess is that they were probably transferred somehow, if the president of Technos moved to or founded the new company... hopefully they'll find it in their hearts to do a GBA port of Double Dragon :).
mdgamesales is extremely reliable. I and several others I know have bought from them, no probs.

as for ebay, it depends on the seller.. but I personally never had any problems either, local and overseas.
I didnt mean ebay sorry I should have been more clear on that.

While were on the subject of arcade stuff, can anyone point me in the direction of DYI supergun stuff?

Specificaly I would like info on making an RGB to S-Vid adaptor for my new SNK MVS. This would be in NTSC of course. But any DYI supergun stuff would be helpfull.
Waiting on my supplies to finish my super gun. I found a double dragon jamma board on ebay for $15 the other day (100% guaranteed to work). So, i'm anxious to try it out and find a cabinet to put it in... From there, it'll be cps2 and mvs boards!
if your tv has any type of RGB connector (i.e. scart), yeah. if not, you'll have to buy a RGB->ntsc encoder. as for pc monitors, you'd have to get an upscan converter that can take rgb, those run at 200$+ for any acceptable quality.