Neo geo pocket color games for trade or sell...


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Hi, i have these Neo Geo pocket color games for trade or sell....

edit- theyere sold- exept for the rumble pack.. thanks.

Capcom vs. snk match of the mellenium

Biomortor unitron

Metal slug 2nd mission

Puzzle link

Neo geo shock connection (rumble pack)

I am willing to trade for any system accecories games exept cartridge system... So that means saturn through xbox. Imports, accecories, games, whatever you gots! If your interestred in trading or buying, email me at If you want to buy i can always set up an ebay buy now thing or paypal, whatever you feel safest with. THanks. hope somebody is intersted....
My ebay account is shitfacebaboon if you want to look at my feedback. I also am verified paypal user. thanks.
Nice Ebay ID.
i dunno but they didn't havn't said anything to me... so i think i'll hold on to it untill they do.