so here's the deal. I've just returned home from school where my computer was connected to the internet via a router. I'm running xp and have never had a problem. I came home and my parents have cable internet with a hub and two computers connected to the hub. Both computers connect to the internet fine. I've changed nothing to my computer but when I hook it up to the hub or directly to the cable modem I get a green light on my network card and it shows the connection as being established, however, I get no green light on the hub or cable modem end of the connection. I can't connect to the net. Someone told me that it must be my network card, but it was just working fine when it was connected to a different connection so it doesn't seem that that could be the case.

any ideas?
Chances are you need a crossover ethernet cable. Also if they are truly using a hub then they must have two seperate ip addresses assigned to them and another pc wouldn't work.