New 3d saturn game

hey guys im after any1 who wants to make a new 3d game on the saturn i can model all the things needed but cant programe so if any of u guys wanna start a new project msg me and lemme know

i can probably help, but a 3d game is VERY difficult, there are some examples on the SGL zip - maybe a 2d game would be better? its much more easier than a 3d game unless if you can mix it with 2d+3d :p
How the hell does game development work? Not just amatuer, but like real games? In the olden days you had one lead programmer, one or two artists, a sound guy, and a couple of managers. If I'm not mistaken, Guardian Heroes had only one lead programmer. Now imagine a complex game like Halo, how do you get multitple people to coordinate?

Oh yeah the let's make a 2d balloon fight with multitap support. I shot lead programmer\upper management guy.

Daniel Erickson: You rip the sprites from the nes rom.

Meyzito: You rip the music\find remixes for Balloon fight on the net.

Nescphp: Teach me how to use the SBL ::bows::

Vreuzon: Teach me how to implement multitap support ::bows even lower::

Oh yeah I'm serious. I'll hopefully have my contest entry done by the end of this week (been redoing the TUI), that leaves me about a week to program this before school starts.
Send Trogdor to your school. After he's done burninating the teachers and schoolyard, you won't have to go!
nescphp : to mix 3d and 2d makes no problem

slinga : If I am not mistaking, jordan mechner wrote prince of persia alone (I believe his brother wrote the music...)

Multitap support is not complicated at all, I can help you i you want.

If you plug it on the first position, you can acces each pad with Smpc_Peripheral, i : [0..5]. The "second" pad position is i=15. For each player, you only have

- To store the corresponding pad number somewhere;

- To store each pad's last "pad data" (as i wrote in another thread this month).

As I did the work three times already, I think it would be easy to solve common problems you could have.

We should be able to support up to 12 players using two multitaps, but I never tried. The result could be pretty confusing.

What does a 2d ballon fight looks like ?
Let's go for it then guys. I was waiting to finish my contest entry first (getting stuck on programming issues, i.e. Slinga==sloppy programmer), but I guess we can start with the non-programming aspectes of Balloon Fight.

Balloon Fight is Joust clone by Nintendo.

Here's some pictures:

The saturn should be able to handle this with ease in C.

Daniel Eriksson: If you have time, can you start ripping sprites? The only way I know how is to load up Balloon Fight in an Nes emu and capture screen shots. I hope you know a better way :D

As graphic artist here's what I expect from you:

- the title screen (for now just rip the NES's one directly)

- the only thing I want ASAP

- later on you'll be expected to make it looks fancy

- character sprites

- main character

- FISH :devil

- forget the bad guys for now

- background sprites

- the land platform

- the water (probably the easiest part of your job ;))

- the clouds + lightning bolt

- the different shaped stars in the backgrounds

Now I don't know too much displaying sprites on saturn, I'm guessing the sprites should be formatted to fit on 320x224, the Saturn's normal resolution. Ask someone *cough*cough*Reinhart*cough*cough* before you start ripping.

We also need a sound guy? Who's up for it. It's much less work than the graphics artist.

The sound guy is expected to:

- Gather sound clips for balloon fight

- from the internet (including remixes :drool: )

- directly from the game

- Convert sound to Saturn format

- IE high quality WAV files

Sound is not as critical as graphics in the game development process, so this can be done pretty much anytime.

vreuzon: Thanks for offering your help. I will definitely be posting on the board couple of days or so when I start programming and I am STUCK somewhere. As for 12 player support, why not? I was thinking about 7 player (as very few people have two multitaps), but I don't see it being much more work to implement 12 players.

Realistic timeline for project: Late December\Early January.

Edit: It messed up my formatting. :damn:
That remind me that I should consider writing a little something about sprites ...

Feel free to ask whatever you want, I can try to answer as better as possible.

I can contribute this project with 2 lines of code a month ...

(days are sooo short ... )

this is going a bit off topic ...
Ok ill start right now!

Daniel Eriksson: If you have time, can you start ripping sprites? The only way I know how is to load up Balloon Fight in an Nes emu and capture screen shots. I hope you know a better way

The emu I use have a window where you can capture all tiles and sprites.

The fish is indeed very important! :)

later on you'll be expected to make it looks fancy

So we should enchance it? I probably can...
The first milestone is to have completed by two weeks a mock title screen, similiar the original one, working on a real Saturn, with controller support implemented on the title screen.

So start working on that title screen :ph34r:
well i can surely help!!!! i would love help out, slinga bow down to vbt :D he knows SBL -- i can surely code in the 2d gfx!
Here is the title screen in pcx-format. Do we need the ballon on the menu animated?


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  • ballontitle1.pcx
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Hey, i already got code.... to run all i need to do is replace the gfx to the current game... im very interested in creating a game...
No I hope not, I'd like to participate too :) but don't have enough time. Also I think I will buy a commlink and a PAR this week. I will help me a lot I think.
if you want some code rewritten in optimized ASM do drop me a line, I feel like coding something but I'm so damn sick of the VDP2 (the SH2's are quite nice tho)!