New fun stuff I bought

Check these out, they just arrived today:

These are to replace my old set that had the katana missing:

And this is a full tang katana witha bronze hilt shaped like the sword in highlander:

My room's a mess lmao! In any case, the wood is supposedly hand carved or something.
I've taken a bit of aikido.... taking a semester off school (and that's where I take aikdio) so I'm not currently studying a martial art no lol. I like to collect weapons... don't really practice with them or anything, just sort of fun to have lol.

Of course aikido isn't technically a martial art....


When I first read "Aikido", I thought "Aikido? And he has a Shuriken?", but I understand better now.

Wouldn't you like to practice any martial art that actually involves using katana/wakizachi/tanto? Like... Iaijutsu or Ninjutsu?
the throwing star is a decoration, not sharp. And aikido is derived from a combination of jujitsu, sword training, and spear training. As such, in aikido we also practice with bokkens (and on occasion katana), and jo.