New Here and Hello

Hello Everyone,

Before I bore everyone here about myself. I will make it simple with bullit points

* 33 Years old, engaged to be married this year =)

*Veteran gamer

* Live in Michigan

* Gamer Since Atari 2600 days

* SEGA loyalist

* Sony Fanboy (Playstation, PS2 PS3)

Favorite System: Dreamcast

Now that is out of the way. last week I was able to buy a brand new Factory Sealed Dreamcast of ebay for $70. :w00t:yep you read that right!! =) My old Dreamcast sadly has been boxed up due to the Auto restart issue that plagues the system. (I have tried all the recomended fixes to no avail) anyway, I cannot express how excited and obsessed I am now about my Dreamcast. My PS3 has taken a back seat since last week. I do not even look at it. How can I? when I can play Datona USA to Sonic 2 to all the 2k2 sports and all the Great AM-2 Developed games. I have about 40 games in all. I just wanted to express and share my joy with people who also love SEGA and the Dreamcast. This system is Alive and Well! The passion we share for a so called "Dead" console will keep it going for a long time to come. :blahblah:

I would like to contribute to the forum with any help and or discussion related to SEGA and or the Dreamcast. From Technical aspect to Games.



Hi Paul,

Always glad to see new members!

I'd recommend going through the different forums and reading some of the older threads, there's quite a bit of fun to be had finding some "gems" in there. We've got quite an archive.

My favorite system is the Sega CD. I never really thought about it before, but I decided to just now put in about 30 seconds of thought, and decided it would be the Sega CD. It definitely had to be part of my 18-in tall sega stack. And since my favorite driving game (Batman Returns), favorite flying game (AH-3 Thunderstrike), and favorite fighting game (Eternal Champions CFTDS) are on it, might as well choose it.

I got my dreamcast when Funco was clearancing. I got the used system and Chu-Chu Rocket, 3 extra controllers, VMU, and cheat device for under 30$. The only thing I'd ever really know about the Dreamcast before that was chu-chu rocket, because we found the japanese commercial for it back at the Japanese Animation Club and had a boot playing that all the time.

So, isn't being a Sega Loyalist and a Sony Fanboy a contradiction?:tounge: