Another D&D tower of doom translation at same time?

Hello friends. A few days ago I posted this video in a WhatsApp group about the current state of my work over the last 2 months translating Tower of Doom.
The translation of the first part, which I call the introduction, has already been carried out.
Character descriptions translated;
Redesigned the "keyboard" for entering the character's name as well as navigating through letters;
Translated the texts of the first part using letter printing in two cells on VDP2;
Resized the text boxes.
I wasn't able to post it here, but I created my username a week ago for this purpose. I apologize if I'm crossing the work of another colleague in the community, but I found this incredible coincidence strange.
All text in this post was translated from Portuguese (my native language) to English using Google Translate.


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Hello, if it's not coincidence enough, i'm brazilian too (although you didn't mention your nationality).

How or where you inserted more characters on textbox? I know how to modify the text box size, but i'm some way stuck in the range, althought I didn't spend time on it yet.
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Not exactly.
I mean, the hacking that i'm doing is like a personal project of mine, I started this like two years ago.
everything that I find out in this time was and is fun, but I don't mind who is launch a patch with the finished project, with this thought that I'm posting all info that I have.
I don't know anyone and don't have a group, that was just a unimaginable coincidence.

For the prints, seems like this group is doing some good edits on the archives, but I'm still curious about the exact structure of the edits to bring in more characters, which is probably the last piece of information I needed to actually start "translating".

I would be very happy if he or they would post their edit notes, but I don't know if they will.
I will continue my analysis when I have time.
What about one of you do a Shadow Over Mystara translation instead? SuperH2x2 work looks very polished, congrats.
Hey, another dev here. I can also help on this one, did you join the SE discord? There is a channel over there for translations
This looks promising, though I think using the official localisation text as a base would help.
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Hi xtreme people! Right now, I want to share my goals with this project. I will appreciate your comments.
1 - Get the DDtod all translated in English and Portuguese. (cps2 based translation)

2 - Make one app tool for those who want translate for your language or your own version of main story.

3 - Make to DDsom same EN/POR process with arcade based translation and app tool;

4 - Go for really big hack of the games bring a lot of new content, like dungeons, enemies and bosses, items and magic. If the community have enough desire for this to happen we can go together in this big project and bring some of nicest thing of tabletop d&d like darklord of Barovia...

I need to give a huge thanks to friend Malenko for your hard work on community, your "Let`s replace SS graph" topic was a big encourage.
I would advice you to not feature creep with your #4 ideas. The troubleshoot would be madness. Maybe work on the translation first and later do a separate hack?
Just having the Saturn versions translated into English would be more than enough to please the community.
I finished Tower of Doom last september with my wife (2 players mode). It was fun as we speculated about ingame dialogs, npc's conversations, magics, etc. At the end of the day we managed to see the ending and It was satisfactory. It would be great for sure, to have both games translated.