new problem has arised...

when i turn my saturn on, it goes directly to the screen where it ask you what language do u want the menu to be displayed in, and then ask you to set the date/time/ blah blah. Then it goes back to the first saturn screen you find when you turn on your saturn. Except there is no animation of the saturn logo forming or nothing(a sign that it's not reading the disc). Next it would go to the cd control panel where it check the format of the cd. And here it would freeze, sometimes the disc would spin really fast and sometimes it would spin slower with a clicking noise. Any thoughts on what is causing this/how to fix it?

i would be much appreciated, since no shop over here sells a saturn.
Why don't you adjust the laser power, rotating the variable resistance clockwise 20-40 grades?

Follow these instructions.

If you have no luck, post this topic in the tech help forum.