new Satourne on the way

hi folks,

i think there are some people who might be interested in this. today i've heard from Fabien (the author) that a release is planned. though he doesn't seem to know a specific date yet he says that maybe within the next two months there will be the next one.

let's hope for the best and wish him good luck!
he said today that he rewrote the emu from scratch and implemented a much better 68k emulation routine. also there will be a plugin-interface which certanly will speed up things a lot what goes for development.

i just got the specs from him...

here's the text:

> does it mean that sound really is an issue in the next release? :)

Yes! I have been able to add 68000 emulation through the use of turbo68k.

This is a good thing since before that I was obliged to patch the sound

memory access routines to be able to boot the saturn and the STV. Now I can

boot both without any problem. the difficulty for me isn't to add 68000

emulation, it's to add sound output.. I really don't know how to do this, I

have never thought about this point before.. I took a look at direct sound

but the SCSP is quite complex to my eyes.

So yes, sound is an issue for my next release.