New Sega Ages Screenshots Ahoy!


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Thanks to The Magic Box we have a whole slew of new screenshots of the upcomming Sega Ages games for the PS2. Afterburner, Bonanza Bros, Columns, Decathlete, Gain Ground, Outrun, and Virtua Racing. Should be available sometime this winter in Japan.


More images available here.


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Virtua Racing and Decathlete seem to be really perfect. But for Outrun and After Burner ... For AB, improvements are small and on Outrun I can't recognize the mythic Ferrari car (but the rest looks great).


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Gain Ground

System 24 - currently unemulated

A long period of peace has deprived the earthlings of their instinct to wage war. The Federated Government, greatly concerned regarding this ever increasing dangerous situation, developed a Gain Ground simulation system in the year 2,348 in an effort to instigate their ever waning fighting spirit. However, suddenly woithou warning, the Supercomputer went berserk and took many of the citizens as hostages. In order to rescue the POW's, three of the bravest warriors were urgently dispatched to go forth into the deadly GAIN GROUND.

I think the Ferrari looks more like car in the Japanese version of Outrun (or at least the one in Yu Suzuki Game Works). The bumper does look a bit stuffed though. :huh


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Originally posted by racketboy@Sep 29, 2003 @ 07:12 PM

the car in Outrun looks screwed up.

or is it just me?

I think it's the exhaust in the rear that's making it look pretty bad... I can't say anything about that windshield though... eww


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Maybe the outrun car looks twisted because it crashed into the trees? That would be cool - car getting damaged (though not so cool if performance of car decreases when damage increases - it's just not outrun ;) )


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the whole car looks a little funny -- like not fully rendered.

but anyway, why would the back bumber be messed up?


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Originally posted by racketboy@Sep 30, 2003 @ 01:11 PM

but anyway, why would the back bumber be messed up?

Especially considering that the pic is from the start of the game.

I'm thinking that it must be a WIP picture, 'cos there's no crowd on the stands or people in (or around) the car:



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SWEET! A remake of Decathlete! Me and my friend play that all the time still. I definitly have to buy this when it comes out.