New version!

Check for new version with controls emulation and "cleared GFX".

Also uploaded lastest source of Jim emulator with real GFX emulation via Allegro lib. So, anyone for GFX? :)

To TakaIsSilly:

Only use ClsSlo() in this release, ClsFast() included, but not used (because can't figure where is characters screen table), but just for experiment tryed such stuff:

ASCITile = (Uint8 *)( VDP2_VRAM_A0 ); //need to know propertly location of characters table memory

for(i = 0; i <= 0x60000; i++) *(ASCITile++) = 0x00;


It's of course, somewhat (no garbage, but dont clear previous screen gfx) works, but it clears almost ALL VDP2 memory...