New Winmx 3.22 issue?

Ok with the new winmx ive noticed its a CPU hog! For some reason it takes like 40-75% of the CPU process. (See task manager) when you load a simple game, or DivX player it laggs. Is it just me or is anyone else noticing this lag in other programs with new winmx?

Ive had to set prioity mode to "Below normal" to play my game or watch something in normal speed.
i haven't noticed any slow down on my computer.

but i have to admit they finally fixed the always uploading info problem that was in the last few releases so i'm happy with the newest release.
But did you try DivX or a game (not sega)? I have a 1.5 ghz 256 RAM... so it shouldnt do it.. didnt start till I put in 3.21 which a few hours went to 3.22
That is very true Mysticales when I check the Task Manager its the highest CPU usage.I also tried to use my Divx player to see what happens and it made some stuff drop.I dont know what they did to it but i aint liking it.
Cyn, Yes I noticed that too... takes longer tho but after 7 hours it does a Irqr blue screen or something...

Snake, Thanks. Thats what I needed confirmed... odd eh??

Tip, right click the taskbar, open task manager, and click the winmx thing and set prioity to "Below Normal" and that will clear things up. After your done for night set it up again.

I wish we could tell ppl about this prob. I dont like blue screen OR hogging! Maybe ill do older winmx but that has issues of its own =(
Thanks Mysticales I try your tip
i think you can always inform the WINMX people i mean i'm assuming they have an email address on their site for stuff like reporting bugs. I mean they've been doing a lot of upgrades in the last few months.
I'm not sure about your situation with WinMX 3.22, but I have zero problems with it taking away a ton of my CPU's resources at all. I tried playing mp3s and a Divx movie while downloading with WinMX, and I also had my messenger programs online along with my e-mail and my office programs running. So far, nothing skips or lags at all on my PC while using WinMX 3.22.
Odd, I went into WinMX chat and others reported the same issue. So it IS a issue somewhere. I passed on my trick and they say that fixes it but still it isnt good as your PC wont exctly worry about the "Auto Complete" so use with care. Otherwise no Winmx doesnt have a email. They say do a newsgroup. So unless you know of one, we are stuck.
i thought they listed an address to a newsgroup. eh what ever they're spyware free so far so i'm happy enough with them.