newbie needs help replacing saturn battery

Hey Guys,

I need help replacing the lithium battery for the Sega Saturn, model no. MK-80000A (I think Model 2). How do I remove the battery? I got the system used without an owner's manual. I would like to be able to save my games. Also, can anyone suggest a good place to find a memory or RAM backup cart, preferably an inexpensive one? thanks.
to change the battery, (a cr2032) there would be a little black panel in the back of the saturn. pop that off and you will see the battery beting held down by sort of clip. pop the clip up, and slide out the batter, then replace it with a new one and push it back down. as for carts... lik-sang, lan-kewi, or ebay would be your best bet. you might, MIGHT!!! be able to get one at a flea market or goodwill... but that's a big BIG might...
CR2032s aren't too hard to find.

I bought my last one at my local supermarket.

NCSX have AR4M+ carts and official Sega memory carts as well.
hey guys, got mine from ace hardware. next best bet is radio shack. try those places first. i replaced mine couple weeks ago, works like a charm WEEEE