Nintendo DS extra features


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Now we know for sure they are adding a TV Tuner and an Opera Internet Browser to the DS's touch-fueled lineup of features, but I've been wondering when (if at any time) they are to release the Play-Yan in the States (and maybe U.K., and Australia). I heard rumors somewhere they are to release it along with the TV and Internet Add-ons whenever it comes out in the state. It's been out in Japan for quite a while now, and I think it's overdue for the other markets.

So the basic point I mean is I want the Play-Yan. Don't you want it too?

(If you have it already, don't be shy :) )


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The Play-Yan plays MP3/MPEGs. I guess I forgot to mention what it was for those who don't know. Better late than never (hint hint, Nintendo).


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I like the idea of a web browser. As for the MPEG/MP3, I could care less. I wouldn't buy a tv tuner new.... I would wait till it was available used somewhere. I think they need to make a few more wifi games (smash bros. DS would be great).


I agree to some extent that it isn't really necessecary, but you have to think about it this way.

Nintendo wants to market their device to a wide range of people (almost like Sony's idea with the PSX, since they tried to cram it full of features).

By including things like wi-fi, MP3 player, web browser, backwards compatibility, etc., they're just marketing to a larger user-base.

Now bear in mind, I probably won't use any of those add-ons, but other people will.