Non VG related websites...

Yup... u heard correctly...

i'd like to think that i've found all the video game sites i need (how can u need more than sx??? ;)), now i need some other sites, preferably humorous... (no spelling mistake... there really is a U in there!)

heres some to start u off with...

Brunching Shuttlecocks - Funny site... u just gotta visit it :)

MegaTokyo - OK, not entirely free from video games... but tres cool anyways :)

ZGeek - A site that posts random stupid/phunny news, jokes, web pages... strongly suggest joining! (Based in Aus, but many US ppl there as well...)

Bring 'em on!
if you want a funny site go to html://

things you should know before you try to

take over the world. is cool. I also like That is a shenmue site that sucks now, but I used to enjoy it. Um, I am not on the computer very much except for MSN, Yahoo or AOL.
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