Now GameGizmo is closed

I have a feeling this was another DMCA closing. They were way to high profile. Well all in all it just re-enforces me making my own chip proggers.
That's fucking annoying.

I was about to order some as well but their site was down. Now I know why...

Oh well, guess I'll have to see if mods bought now from Lik-Sang and Lan-Kwei are still incompatable.
Well, I used it on a 32 pin saturn as apposed to a 64 pin one. Im not sure if it would work in a 64 pin saturn, but I thought you might like some alternative stores to try other then lik-sang or lan-kwei.
That's cool, but AFAIK all mods work with 32 pin Saturns; it's 64 pin ones that are the problem.
Heh, got my Gamegizmo modchip the same day they announced they shut down :p Nice to see they took care of business properly all the way to the end. But this sucks for 64-pin Saturn owners :-(
Yeah, in the email regarding their closing, they said they would ship all outstanding orders. So its not like they're trying to screw people. In fact, if Agent is right, they got screwed

That really does suck though, I guess people will have to look around for another reliable place that sells 64-pin compatible mods. I'm glad I got mine (and my 4in1 plus) from them when I first got my saturn.
Originally posted by Fabrizo@Apr 25, 2003 @ 09:40 AM

Various grey-market shops other then lan-kwei and lik-sang that different people have said are reliable:

You might want to try one of those shops instead if your worried that the lik-sang and lan-kwei mods will be incompatible. The first mod I bought was from gocybershop, so I know personaly that they are reliable.

GoCyber Shop screwed me on my DC Cha Cha's. They billed me for them when they were out of stock and 4 weeks later still hadn't got them in stock or sent me the maracas.

You might want to try one of the other stores. I don't trust places that bill me for products they don't have.

If you want mod boards try $4 for a board and $1.50 for a cable and a fuck of a lot more reputable than an angelfire page (which sole all its graphics from this site).
I got a response. They probably only understand Chinese. Regarding Xinga, they are more for manufacturing and Business to business. Ordering 1 unit of something would be stupid and a waist of time, not to mention support in English would suck.