Official DC Wheel

I've got the mc2 wheel and they are pretty darn good wheel although notorious for a squeek they quickly develop. Pretty good design,(sits on top of your thigns in your lap and has some pull downs that helps it stay in place by coming down over the outsides of each thigh. Not much force feedback tho, but the feel and adjustability of it is real nice.

I also have an Interact Concept 4 wheel and this one come with a power adapter you plug in for its forced feedback. And because of its design, ( where you place it between your legs but sit on the extended flanges that your legs sit on to keep things solid. This one really rumbles you too, when you go offroad and hit rough ground it shakes you good lol. Depending on chair it can sound like a huge case of the farts that others feel the rumble in their feet in the room lol. The foot feet of the concept 4 are larger and ok but the springs in the foot pedals cant take as much abuse as the footpedals of the Madcatz 2. But I dont care which wheel setup I take when racing head to head in F355 cuz they both work great.
Well, which racing wheel is the best over all? I am mainly looking for good control, pedals, and durability. A few suggestions would be nice just as long as I can narrow it down to 2-3.
thrustmaster ferrari, those concept 4 wheels are crap, they break easily

especialy the shifters, it looks like its made well but it isnt

an the turnin radius is way 2 big, too tight or otherwise just fucked, you can change it from 3settings on the wheel, none of which are good

the mc2 has that squeek he mentioned an that annoyin side shifter

ferrari wheel has good tension, doesnt squeek, smooth wheel an aight pedals with good tension
Well I would say if you can find a DC wheel for cheap get it, it will enhance your driving experience greatly and if you take care of it, it should work, perform and not break apart too easily, both my wheels are still in good condition and havent broke anything in em. I dont think the concept 4 is crap, I enjoy the huge amount of ff i get from that wheel and I like the sideshifter of the mc2.
sega's previous official wheel, the arcade racer.

so thats why i ask since i haven never seen a pic with pedals.

is sega continuing the trend?
Sega's official wheel that launched with the DC does not have pedals, but it's a very sturdy wheel, and comfortable to use. I hear the MadKatz wheel is the best all-round, but I've never had the opportunity to use one.