Ohhh Boy

Im at wits end guys. I used to hang out here a long time ago. But I never got any games to work. Then my computer went down. So here I am back...I download PDS again and I get the same darn Error. The one with it being corrupted. Its in the RAR format and I tried getting this game from like 6 different Ftps. I got Silver gun to work and that was int he MP3 format. So what im asking is if anyone knows of a FTP with a lot of games in mp3 format or can anyway tell me how to get around the dame RAR problems im having. Thanks guy in advanced
There's a whole forum devoted to FTPs.

Just what error does WinRAR give? Have you tried testing the archive segments?
! CRC failed in pdsaga1.bin. The file is corrupt

Thats what i get when i unzip i downaloaded this game liek 10 times...from 10 diifrent severs. Someoen told me i might have a bad surfeace area on my hard drive. But i dont know how to check that under WinXP home. I got Silver gun and cotton to work great But they where the MP3 files. ANy help would be great
Do you have the latest version of RAR? Newer versions are not backwards compatable with older.
Did you use the test function on the archive segments?

It may show that you have only got a corrupt file or two rather than the whole thing.
Open WinRAR.

Go to the directory that contains the archive files (.rar, .r00 etc).

Select one of the archive files by right clicking on it and use the test archived files function.

It should report in which file the error exists and hopefully you'll just need to redownload a single file.