Ok, a small question about SFZ3 for Sat

I read an earlier post about SFZ3 and I wanted to know for sure whether or not the game came with any mp3s or was just a plain iso. MAM :p MasterAkumaMatata said something about ripping the music from the PSX version, which sort of confused me. I got the one track that was on the post there, it's just some chick speaking japanese for 20 seconds... I've gotten (or tried to get) SFZ3 twice and both times it was just the ISO in the rar. Just want to make sure if there are any MP3s or not.
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Now to answer your question. On that post I made, I was referring to how to rip the backgound music of the game to WAV or MP3, if you just wanted to listen to the music alone. Sorry for confusing you. The Saturn version of SFZ3 does have just one audio track after the ISO track, and it is just some chick speaking Japanese telling you not to play the disc on any other CD-ROM drive other than the Saturn. You should be fine with that one audio file.
Actually, I'm sure there ARE other audio files.. Xeno is investigating or something, cuz when I play it on some levels there will be no music. Also, the endings are silent too.
Snyderman was asking about audio tracks. Audio files and audio tracks are NOT the same. Audio files are found inside data tracks and audio tracks come after data tracks. SFZ3 does have only ONE audio track, see cue sheet from BIN/CUE rip:


TRACK 01 MODE1/2352


INDEX 01 00:00:00



PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 58:45:54

Just like SFA2/SFZ2/SFA2G, SFZ3 uses *.MUS files for background music. In SFZ3, there are 94 .MUS files totaling 406 MB. All files within the data track comes to a total of about 516 MB. This means that about 80% of the data track is used for game music.

Weezer: How do you have your Saturn hooked up to your TV? Do you use the stereo AV cables? If so, are both audio channels (left and right) fully connected to your TV? If you only have one of the audio channels connected, that could be one reason why you don't hear music on some levels.
Hmm... obviously I got a bad rip or something. All I had in mine was an ISO file totalling to 300 megs unzipped :( I guess I'll just keep looking... I wish I could get your copy Akuma :/ as SFZ3 is probably the last game that I want right now for my Saturn.

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Hmmm, about those MUS files... Anyone know how to convert those to wav or another format?
AFAIK, unless you have a decoder or can code one yourself, nope. Those .MUS files contain proprietary audio formats. If you just wanted to be able to listen to them alone, you can rip them and convert them to WAV or another format from other versions of SFZ3 as explained on this thread.