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hi guys, im kind of getting interested in psx dev or even n64 dev but i dont know where to start, mainly because i dont know where to find these tools for linux... im thinking n64 dev is in assembly and if it is then that is out of the question
... i know this is off-topic but i dont know where to ask, i dont think there is people still developing for psx or n64... i cant develop for saturn anymore ... the enviroment is just too difficult to work with. i remember antime posting a site about psxdev for linux but im wondering where can i find all the tools and documentation, and if it is possible to use official tools and official programs in linux? or do i have to use windows? how about the n64 ... i would appreciate *any* information about developing for the psx or the n64...

oh and if you have alot of tools (anything) that can be useful please PM me
Both the N64 and Playstation are mainly coded for in C or C++. I don't know what is available by way of libraries if you want to work under Linux, but good places to start looking are psxdev.ip3.com for the Playstation and Dextrose for the N64.
you should not give up nescphp
. You made also a good site with your saturn devs
, thank you VBT but i cant continue.... its even worse in WINDOWS where i would wait 5 minutes to load a non working Demo on SSF, my demo would work on GIRIGIRI but no luck on actually work on real hardware... i asked my parents but they dont want to pay for an action replay and pc comms link! man its driving me nuts.... thanks for that compilent.... my site isnt that great
no info no actual info but hey its better than nothing
well im off i didnt do anything really good with the saturn, so maybe i'll seeya you guys later untl i get these damn tools.... forget PSx dev, Forget N64 dev, im just gonna do GBA dev if i can.
so see ya.. drop my name from the contest
Ok nescphp, I won't convince you. You seem to have PC not fast enough, I remember when I developed a pic viewer I had only a k6-2 450, it was pretty slow but found some tips to make things faster like mounting/unmounting CD automatically :

f:\d-tools\daemon -unmount 0

buildcd -msl.map -isl.img sl.cti -l

stripiso s 2048 sl.img sl.iso

f:\d-tools\daemon -mount 0,sl.iso

For SSF, the latest release is slower than SSF 0.06 alpha and don't forget to use "W" and "enter" to save time
but I think you no more care about those tips
ok i guess i can give it another shot! i need to get sbl to work can u send the *.o files u had to compile and the *.bat ?