Otogi for xbox


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Man this game is soooo sweeet, you must try, it. It is a beautifully done game, and not too easy either, but at 39 its worth it....

If anyone has this feel free to post your feelings on the game.

:cool: :lol: :D :blush: :)
Too bad it's in Japanese :(

Is there a translation available? It's hard to follow an RPG when you don't understand whats happening.
I played the demo... seemed pretty cool. Don't wanna cash out $40 bucks for it though. Very few games get more than $30 from me.
I agree, I know or at least hope that someday soon this will be a 20-25 dollar title, but I had the cash, and had a hankering to play it, so I doled out the money...oh well...