The other day I was in a weird part of town and I stubled into an arcade. wandering around I saw the usual arcade stuff- street fighter, DDR, daytona, etc. and then I saw this game tucked in the corner...."OUTRUN TURBO". Outrun Turbo ? I asked myself.

"Never heard of this one, ONLY A QUARTER?" WOW! I hopped in and man, this was great....makes me wish I was in the loop when this game came out. Anyways my question is, does anyone know a place I can find these wonderful arcade machines...?

(Not just outrun, any older arcade boxes)
Ebay is usually a good place to start. You can also look for local arcade auctions in your area but those would probably tend to have mostly newer games.

You could also go to the arcade where the machine was and find out if they are looking to get rid of it. Some arcades will give machines for free if you take care of the transportation.
I bought my Racing Hero machine from a local arcade games sales business I found on the internet.

90% of the game boards I own I've bought using Ebay.

What I'd do for an Outrun machine though...
I'm guessing you're not around here, but a shop in the UK has an Outrun cab for sale, and it's fairly cheap. I bought a shell for my MAME cab from there, they've got shitloads of stuff. Wanted to stay all day
Long ago I saw a truck with 3 cabs and a cocktail table on it driving down the road. I followed them for 2 hours. When they stopped and got out it turned out it was people I knew. I was gonna find out how much they wanted for the stuff. It was kind of creepy what I did... but I'd do it again if I saw a truck full of cabs and cocktail tables driving down the road.

A restaurant near me has a Bust-A-Move home-made cocktail table.

I also got to see a nice home made cab at a show I went to last year.... running a couple of different emu's and roms. I walked up to the guy and was asking him about his video game collection. He didn't have any of the games that he had roms for. I pondered calling that piracy hotline. *giggles*
I don't know if this would be an acceptable replacement for an arcade machine, but a Saturn with the 100% perfect port of Outrun (+ rearranged tunes) and a good steering wheel/pedals make for a really neat experience. From which I happen to speak.
Whats a good price to pay? In CDN funds if possible? How can I tell a good condition one for a bad condition one? Also, are there certain cabinents that fetch more price then others?