Hey people just one thing just pump up in my head ... is there a way to overclock internal cpu of some game console ? .....I really don't see any porpuse in that but ... donno just for fun or something.
it'd be done in the bios i'd assume. find some info on the sh2's an clock stuff. I don't imagine there would be an adjustable bus speed but probably a multiplier somewhere. It may be physicaly on the chip somewhere. uppin the clockspeed would certainly get rid of some slowdown in some games. if there is an adjustable bus speed it would probably be for everything. all 7 is it? chips.
For most game consoles you'd have to do some hardware surgery. Here's a page (in Japanese) that deals with clocking up the Playstation.

One easy thing you could do on the Saturn is to fiddle with the memory timings (see the 7604 manual) but most likely you'd just crash the machine. The Saturn seems to be pretty bus-limited as is and adding to the load might lead to added memory refresh problems (which I think is the biggest reason for some of the Sega-imposed limitations).
Overclocking isnt gonna help you, It will screw you up more then help.. If it aint broke dont fix it...

I wont say that I overclock my Ti-83 but THERE at least I see a diff =PPP
Overclocking a saturn will lead to your games not playing most likely. Since the saturn runs on main cpu's, they have to stay in perfect sync, something overclocking would most likely fuck up royally.
The Saturn's CPUs don't run in perfect sync, they don't even run at the same speed. This was done to help prevent deadlocks.
You can overclock anything if you're willing to do the surgery. It just won't help you shit unless the games and machines are designed to take advantage of a hgher clock speed (which console games aren't).

Plus, just try fitting a heat sink into your saturn casing
HELL Laptops, Consoles, ALL need better cooling devices... I mean ppl came out with addons for N64, PSX, and saturn that is a Cooling fan..... If they would have better cooling it wouldnt be needed. But laptop run HOT! I mean im GLAD this laptop stands up and has intake vent on the bottom... Then have my fan along with it keeps it cool...
The GP32 is overclockable just by a software call. many hombrew apllications at the moment for this little handheld are constantly pushing the machine and the results can be either impressive or un-stable
The GP32 was projected to run at variable clock speed since the beginning. It's nothing obscure and unrecommended as most overclocks are. I think It's supposed to range between 30Mhz to 160Mhz, or something like that. No wonder there'll be Rockman X5 and SFZ3 ports for it.

But their tech docs says it'll eat up more battery at higher clock speeds.
Overclocking a Neo Geo would be a good thing, since the NeoGeo doesn't have any timing-dependant games for you to worry about. adding a fan to it couldn't hurt, as well.

for certain consoles, it is a good idea. whether you are willing to take the risks, is your decision