Painting a Saturn


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I was out in my workshop yesterday testing a new arcade board when my eyes fell upon the sad, neglected shell of a long dead Saturn. At first I thought I should probably throw it out as it is just taking up space, but then it dawned on me...

I was thinking 'sega logo' blue for most of it and white for the buttons and maybe the cartridge slot cover. I'm not 100% sold on the scheme and I thought I'd ask for some suggestions.

What do you guys think?
My painting skillz aren't that great.

I think I'll have to stick to block colours without stripes or dots.
Well bi-color à la Vsatrurn would be a good idea. The concept is to color the upper part in a color and the bottom part in the same color but with a darker tone. Usually looks cool
I'd also have to fit spoilers, lower the CD drive, and bolt on a 3 inch chrome exhaust tip.

Originally posted by CHAZumaru °_°@Mar 15, 2003 @ 01:14 AM

Well bi-color à la Vsatrurn would be a good idea. The concept is to color the upper part in a color and the bottom part in the same color but with a darker tone. Usually looks cool

Sounds good. I might just give that a try.
Or another usual custom color habit within japanese addicts is to color it so that it refers to another system.

For example painting it white with grey buttons like a DC, or purple and light gray like a GC, etc...

I knew a site that showed some fantastic works by some designers on this concept, tuning a DC into a GC, a MegaDrive or an Xbox... the result was impressive.
silver with a blue LED and maybe blue text on the button.

silver and blue, of course, are the US saturn logo colors
Pack the Saturn in a blue sphere. Take a metallic rod, make two bends in it and wrap it around the sphere.

Instant 3D Saturn logo.
How do you plan on painting this? With a airbrush or spray cans? Your original idea sounds good and easy without masking, bicolors and strips can only be done with masking tape if I´m not wrong the paint on those spray cans have diluent which is not good if you plan on doing layers.
racketboy - I've never really been happy with how silver paint ends up. It looks too dull to me. Silver leaf on the other hand...

sizone - If it wasn't black to begin with, that's what I'd choose. If I was going for black it would have to be a piano type of finish; very smooth. Maybe I'll try that on the next one.

Zheræ - I was going to try model car spray paints as they would probably be quite well suited to the Saturn's plastic shell.
Get some automotive touchup paint (in a spray can, not a paint tin). Make it a metallic midnight blue with a glossy finish and put some blue LEDs or a blue CCFL tube in it for an underbody neon glow. This is what I want to do with my PC case.
Now that sounds cool!

I'm tossing up on whether to do that to a model 1 or model 2 Saturn.

The model 1 would be easier, as it's already got the side vents for some light to come out.

A model 2 would require some parts to be cut out and replaced with perspex which would be harder, but that could look even better.

BTW I've started on my first shell. I ended up going with my original concept and I'll try to get some pics when I'm done.
Just out of curiosity, but did you do any prep work on the plastic? Specifically did you give it a coating of some kind of undercoat/primer?
In my impatience I've learnt a few lessons.

I gave the Saturn a light sand first, but the sand paper was a little too coarse and has left a few scratches. I'll know better for next time.

I'd also previously done a couple of test paint spots with different paint and you can see the difference in texture if you look really closely.

I used Tamiya model car paint starting with a flat white coat, which I in turn gave a light sand with some finer paper.

I've since given it a coat of blue gloss and it looks pretty fab.
Personally, I am in LOVE with the standard white. The only modification I'd like to do is change the power LED to red... that way it will match the logo.
I´m really curious to see how the Saturn ended up looking c´mon mal show us your master-piece
unless you didn´t finish it yet.