Painting the Saturn....

Well, my girlfriends birthday is coming up and for it she wants a Sega Saturn. I thought it would be nice to paint it pink, since it's her favourite colour. I know it's pretty simple to do on a Dreamcast, but I was wondering if it's just as simple with the Saturn. Anyone tried this?? Have any tips or instructions?

P.S. I hope I'm not doing the Saturn any shame by painting it pink.
well, I dunno how well it'll work, but make sure you sand then surface first, the saturn's plastic doesn't exactly have a good surface for holding paint. also, make sure you put some coats of clear paint over the pink, or it'll come off in no time.

If you want, I can send you daisy stickers and Barbie labels to stick on it afterwards...

This is almost blasphemy.
Yeah well, keep in mind this isn't for me. (I swear!)

And anyways, it'll sure as #### keep her brother from playing it. Anyways, so I should sand the Saturn, prime it and then spray paint it? Well I'll either ruin a perfectly good saturn or create quite the contraption. I'll be sure to take pictures. Oh and, I've seen people paint the dreamcast before, would you say it's surface lends itself to painting better?
i wanna do the same thing... but i'm maybe gonna paint it blue on top and turqouse green on bottom. Are there any guides out on the net someplace? Also, is there a guide to changing leds?
Where do you find girl's who like Saturn? I have a hard enough time finding ones that will play Quake.

Since the saturn's plastic i betcha model paint would work wonders
I wouldn't mind getting my Saturn painted ethier... pink or a purple colour would be nice... but I'd be afraid of looseing the logo's.... too bad someone doesn't make/sell new coloured Saturn cases... I've buy one for sure...
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Where do you find girl's who like Saturn?


yeah is there anyway to NOT loose the logos other than having a big ugly black spot where you didn't paint over?
I would actually go down to your local hobby shop place and ask them what would be best. I bet just some primer, model paint, then sum sort of a clear over coat would be fine. Would probable make it glossy or it your case you can get one with sparkles!!!!!! hehe, we are making a gay saturn here......this IS complete blasphemy..............
I've done it, my saturn is Purple with a Sailor Saturn logo on the top (I'll get a pic if I can ever be bothered to get my digi cam working). Basically, I find the best paint, is Acrylic car spray paint (I've been looking for shocking pink for my PS2), just make sure you remove everything from the case, spray at an evenly distance and make sure you put on three evenly coats(with pink, you may want to spray some white on before hand, some your pink doesn't come out dark), remember, very light coats, wait for the first to become tacky, then spray another coat. Once your happy with the colour, spray some laquer on the tacky paint as it still dries (harispray works wonders). Then your all done, my Saturn has been painted for over 2 years and it still hasn't faded or chipped.

Now I'm in the making of redesigning the case to look like the prototype PS2 case, If I'm successful, I'll post the instructions and designs. CYa
WE WANT PIX! I wanna see what it looks like, so anyone who has a painted saturn, DC, SCD, or Genny; POST PIX!. Later.
I just got finished painting my saturn's case silver, I left the cart slot cover, front smokey panel (with the buttons) and the CD door black, the rest is now silver.

I used a model paint spray can made by testors that I found at my hobby shop.

When you paint make sure you sand off the "SEGA" logo on the case or else it'll show through (not in a good way either)

Looks pretty spiffy too.
So this is how it pans out:

1.Choose color and how it will be

2.Buy model spray paint (?) in a can

3.Buy primer

4.Put on primer BEFORE painting?

5.Do one layer

6.wait to dry then do second layer third layer when dried.

is that it did i miss anything? I also need to know what precautions to take while painting... i don't want to get any in the cart slot oron the buttons, yet i would like to get very close around the edges of those areas. Also, would there be anything i can do to keep the logo?i really don't want to have a big black square and the logo in the middle, but i do not want to paint over the funky saturn logo either.
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4.Put on primer BEFORE painting?

The primer is a type of paint.

But yes, it would go on before the main colour you've chosen.
take the insides out first, its only 5 screws to take the whole top off of it anyway, that will stop you getting any in the insides

also your probabbly best to remove the buttons (if i remember right theres 2 clips under each one and then you can remove them) and just remove any paint that gets round the button area before it dries
i cant really see a need for the primer if your useing canned paint you should be able to just spray it on. primers and etchers are mostly for metal aint they ?