Panzer Dragoon Saga :(

Hey I am just wondering how I can get my Panzer Dragoon Saga Cd1 to work, it is an Audio plus Wav. First I tried with Nero and after the start movie it goes back to the Bios screen.

Then I tried with EX Cd Pro and i get an error when trying to burn.

Can anyone please tell me how to make this game work???
What the heck do you mean, "it is an audio plus wav" ???

Details about the image format, please - and post the cuesheet. Then we can help you...
It looks like he has an ISO+WAV rip... and that we burned only the ISO... that "crash" on the fmv usually is because of not having audiotracks on the cd...

juggalo128, follow the guides in SX "Help & FAQs" Section...

In sum, what you have to do is:

- Patch that ISO file with "Saturn Country Convertor" so that the ISO country code matches your saturn's (if it already matches, skip this step) create a cuesheet

- Create a cuesheet for the set of ISO+WAV, you can create it by hand or download it from here: SEGA Cue Maker for ISO+WAV or SEGA Cue Maker for ISO+MP3

(just run this prog on the same folder with your set of ISO+WAV, it should prompt you for a name... eg. PDSaga1

- After that, just load the cuesheet on CDRWin or Nero (only last version... I think... File->Burn Image.. use Disc At Once, not Disc At Once 96).

Hope this helps...
I dunno about this... good advice Barracuda, but I'd rather hear from him what he meant "audio plus wav..."

That said, what's wrong with DAO/96 mode? I only burn in that mode, for both Saturn and DC games...
I think DAO 96 is like cdrwin's raw mode... that is, includes subcodes and the infamous ecc/edc codes...

As we have discussed recently some burners may have some troubles with this. (when the iso is patched..) I recommended that, just by precaution... I'm not 100% sure...
DAO/96 only affects the way the burner writes the image ... it doesn't matter whether the image itself is raw or cooked. DAO/96 is simply one of various standardized writing modes common to many CD recorders which is capable of handling all sorts of non-standard CD formats, simply by writing them blindly. I believe there is no harm in choosing DAO/96 over DAO, it can only be good (if your software/recorder lets you choose that mode).

Addendum: I also believe only DAO/96 actually lets you OVERBURN a CD (at least when using Nero), whereas with DAO you can't. Another specification that the CD recorder would normally pay attention to but will simply throw out the window with the DAO/96 mode.
Yes i meant Iso+Wav.............sorry, dont worry i fixed the problem, i just used Sega Cue maker, and now im playing it
its a great game....
I'm guessing that the initial disc you burnt just contained the data track.

PDS is one of those games that cracks it if you don't have audio tracks.
I just burnt the 1st cd of Panzer Dragoon Azel ( Euro ) and I used Satconv to convert it to USA and tried it out. After I get to the point where it asks you your name, the game goes back to the bios screen. How can I fix it? Here is the cue sheet I'm using.

FILE "Azel_CD1.iso" BINARY

 TRACK 01 MODE1/2048

  INDEX 01 00:00:00

  POSTGAP 00:02:00

FILE "02_Azel_CD1.mp3" MP3


  PREGAP 00:02:00

  INDEX 01 00:00:00

FILE "03_Azel_CD1.mp3" MP3


  INDEX 01 00:00:00
That problem may be caused by a bad iso file... the cuesheet seems fine to me <_<

Maybe some files are unreadable... try opening that image with cdmage (use google
), or just try copying the files on that burned cd to your hard drive with windows explorer, just to see if any files fail to be copied.
The files extracted just fine. I found an IPS patch that allowed the use of a cartridge while playing PDS, and that helped it get past the name part. However, when I got past the scene where I got rescued by the dragon and the trippy scene afterwards, it went to the bios.
I believe it does, but the cartridge should've taken care of that ( after I patched the iso). I also used Satconv and hit clear all codes