Panzer dragoon

I'm a big fan of the Panzer dragoon series (Still workin on beating saga) and its music. Does anyone know if there were soundtracks created for any of those games? I'd really like to get ahold of one or find some audio files from the game. I'm looking for the begining fmv music from saga (Where it shows a bunch of clips) And the first boss music from Zwei. Stuff like that.
Soundtracks were released for all the PD games. Although you can play the Saturn version of Panzer 1 on a cd player, the audio cd version has a couple bonus remix tracks and some have been expanded a bit. Panzer Zwei also has a remixed cd I think. Panzer Saga has a 1 cd sampler and a 2 cd full soundtrack.
the panzer dragoon ost's are also readilly availible for you pirating pleasure on the internet

conviently coded into mp3 format noless