pc fan

this aint really about any sega console,but i hope someone can help.my pc fan keeps stopping and starting.it just stopped for ten mins,so i have had to crack open my pc case to stop it overheating.the chassis fan is only like 6 months old.surly they should last longer than that.any ideas what can be causing the problem.
Its probably one of the coils has burnt out in the motor drive this could have been caused by anything from dust up to when it was being produced take it back cause its should have lasted longer than that. The reason it works for a little while probably is the coils short circuiting.

Hope it helps
thx m8.i will take it back.i still got the reciept.so i shouldent have any problems getting a new one.but if they say something like "hey shit happens,buy a new one",is there a way i can maybe repair it.im going to buy a new one anyway,but im thinking,i get a replacement,buy a spare,and maybe have this one as an extra backup.
thx m8 for the info.you seem to know more on the subject than i ever will so i trust your diagnosis.thx again
id recommend you look for one marked as ball bearing rather than sleeve bearing type, since they tend to be better manufactured and quieter in use (they do cost a bit more though)