Peripheral compatibility question

I searched the net but did not find a definite answer to my question, so I'll post it here.

Is it possible to connect a PAL 33.6k modem - or for that matter any "foreign" peripheral - to a so-called "corean" Dreamcast (i.e. Japanese DC w/o modem)? Or do I risk smoking either? That is to say, are they electrically compatible?

Thanks in advance for any precious hints.
To the best of my knowledge all modems and BBA's are fully universal, and will work with any region DC.
I would say modem is a modem is a modem but japan is on a totally different electrical system. Naturally telephone lines also work with that system. You have a chance of frying it but i have never heard of someone frying one.
Well, since it's my buddy's 33.6k I'm about to connect, I sorta need to know for sure I'm not risking his hardware.
bba's definitely would be, since it connects to ethernet which is a worldwide standard anyway

modems im sure are ok the dc wont fry it anyway, the only risk would be if you plugged it into a jap phoneline, if they were different (which im sure they arent anyway) since the modem/phone voltage will be exactly the same regardless of what your connecting it to (its the phone system not the electrical system they connect to, which uses ~50v anywhere in the world afaik)
The issue with the lightgun is probably due to the difference in video refresh frequency.

Anyway, since the modem is PAL and the phone line I'm using is european, I suppose I won't have issues connecting the modem to the line. I was afraid though that the DC peripheral connector was subject to country restrictions.

In an early FAQ I read it says PAL/US and JAP modems are not compatible because the JAP modem software requires registration with a japanese-only free dial.

Well, since I can get hold of a PAL DreamKey for a test (or go for the homebrewn F.I.S.A.), that's probably not an issue either.

I'll try and see what happens.

Again, thanks everybody for your submissions.
1 other point since you mention dreamkey

you need dreamkey 3.0 now, 1.5 or 1 wont work at all any more unfortunately (the dial up number used by them isnt valid anymore)
they are all the same apart from the connectors

ie phone line ones

as i have a us dc and took he modem out and put it in a pal dc and it worked fine

just the cable thats all to your phone line
Thanks people for all the invaluable feedback.

I'm definitely going to try this.

Now, if only I could get hold of that friend of mine... must have gone on holiday.