Phantasy Star Collection for GBA


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What the...? I thought PSC for GBA was gonna be PSII, PSIII, and PSIV. I just checked THQ's site about PSC, and it says there's gonna be PS, PSII, and PSIII. You think Sega will release a separate cart for PSIV sometime depending on the sales of PSC? Let's hope so. I wanna get a GBA for PSC (even though I would much rather have the MegaDrive carts
If you want to pay over a hundred dollars to play hard to find defunct games of yester year, then by all means buy a nomad.

Battery life was a real issue with sega portable box.. It was something like 6AA's for 2 hours of play.

I bet sega will release PS4 if there is enough popularity behind the compilation. Hell, since it may be its own game, we could see some extras on it.
They could, although it would cost more than the average bear could afford. maybe it would come out as an oversized gba cartridge, like those huge ones that EA put out on the genesis. (Mutant league games etc)