Phantasy Star Collection

Once the games are roms, its possible to apply an ips or some other patch?
hmmm that's something that hadn't occured to me. as translation patches are very specific about the addresses they change the contents of though i doubt it'd work

note however that the roms from the ps collection do work on emulators so you could at least test the first half of the theory with no expenses other than time. let me know how it works out
could open ps 2 & 3 on a genesis emulator but couldn't do it with ps 4 & 1.

Do you know how to do it?

PS1 isn't a Genesis game. PS4 seems to be heavily modified, probably for memory management reasons.
Well, I'm having a little problem here. I could only find pacthes that translate the english version to other languages. I need one to translate the japanese versions of ps2 & 3 to english. (if i can tranlate to english, then i can translate to other languages from it...).

Can somebody help me find this?