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I'm at the beginning of PSII and I bought two steel bars for Nei. However, whenever I enter a battle, Nei doesn't attack. She just has the defend symbol under her name so she defends the whole time. In which Rolf is the only one that attacks. How can I set it so Nei can attack?
in battle, select STGY, then go to ORDR then pick her(NEI, foo), then pick the weapon then select FGHT.
How do I save my game? Is it like with the original FF, that you have to save at the Inn?

Edit: Also, is Rolf the only character you get to name yourself?

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you can save at the houses which have a floppy disc sign next to them (duh).

you can name all of the new chars you get.
Yeah, those new characters come looking for you at your house. They even ask you to give them a new name if their default names don't suit you.

BTW, if you're playing PSII on an emulator, you can pretty much save anywhere in most emulators.
You can also save when you s.. um get hold of the visaphone, and use it as an item where ever you want except in battles.

edit, oh yeah and be careful, i think it was one or two of the characters that asked if you wanted to rename them, had their yes/no options reveresed, and so when you say yes, they're like "sweet, I get to keep my name", or something to that effect. and when you say no, you can rename them, I forgot how many characters have this glitch, though I'm certain Cain does.

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for such a great game, ps2 has alot of glitches in it.. haha when you battle MB at the end , closeley inspect the text, some words do not have spaces between them. Plus how the hell does lutz automaticly transport everyone to Noah then heal all your players? tricky espers..