Phantasy Star

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My favorite game of all time .

I bought it new at toy'r'us for $70 which is a big chunk of change to a 12 year old .

I played it on my Genesis with a powerbase converter .

I rented the og one at store behind my house and played it for 4 days straight before returning it . I was at the miror shiled part or where you find haspy . When I saw it for sale in the city I lived in I just had to have it .

Phantasy Star 2 had just come out and it was the same price .

Well it was worth it it kept me busy all summer long as was the most enjoyable video game piece of majic ive ever beheld .

I got PS2 the following christmas used and had just about as much fun .

PS3 was a let down .

6 years later ps4 brought the magic back .
Yea ps3 was kind of a let down.. the battle menu sucked.. I liked how the story progressed through generations of families resulting in several different storys to play through.

I still never quite understood were ps3 fit in with the rest of the series... My guess was that it just took place on one of those other big pod space ships that left when the planet exploded. (Makes sense based on the design of the outside maps and how they connected to other areas)
that's what the old men in one town say, yes.

while PS3 wasn't as good as 2 and 4, I still rather liked it. the music was (at least partially) very good.

it's sort of a "side story" to PS2.
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