Pics, 21-pin model 1 mod

Look at the images, read the captions.


Improperly connected ribbon results in static noise when saturn boots up.


Big picture, just read the captions, this is not my board, but it's Mal's, it's exactly the same on the back.

Edit: Shrunk the picture.


The cd-rom spins when connected to the 5V pin, it will also spin when connected to the 3V pin, it will not on the other ones, and it will not work when connected to 3V, it'll just spin.


Once again, an improperly connected ribbon will result in a static noise when starting up your saturn.


Static noise when you start your saturn up that is.


Here's a modded model 2 so that you can compare, told ya it's reversed.

Still have problems?;t=4368

This topic has been going over the process since mal figured it out, you might find your answer there.

I hope this helps.

Thank mal for figuring out that pin 8 does trace back to point B on the modboard.
Model No. MK-80000

Serial No. AE62009640

Ignore the blue power button if that's throwing you off, the blue buttons are from the japanese model 1 unit, got a free japanese saturn in pretty bad condition so I took the buttons out.
Just remember you might not end up with a 21-pin unit. This modification only works on 21-pin saturns. I'm not sure how many 21-pin model 1's there are, but it is a lot less than the 20-pin model 1's. Also, this modification should work fine with model 2 saturns, just put the board in the normal way, rather than the reversed way used in the model 1 mod (note, you'll have to reverse the chip if you have a 64-pin IC on your model 2)
thats how i had mine all hooked up... but i had the cable soildered to the 64pin chip.. did not work for me

just went to the CD screen and played audio tracks
Thats how i have mine installed. XAI, good work on getting those pics up! i was almost going to go out and buy a digital camera just to do that. i was trying to explain the "twisted" ribbon cable on the other 21pin topic board. i havnt had any problems yet.
Ajnin: Try soldering it on the modboard instead. Make sure you removed all the solder from the cd-rom board when you do this. Also, you might have to have a certain type of chip to get this working. We're looking into it on the other topic I linked to in my original post.
Xai, I've got Ajnin's Saturn at the moment and I've tried nearly everything. I briefly tried my older Mod in it and while it hasn't worked straight away, it is behaving differently from my newer one.
My Model 2 is strange, externally it looks like a Model 2. But when I open it up, it looks exactly like your Model 1. It has a 21 pin ribbon, that has been folded into a Z so it's reversed.
Only big difference would be which way the modboard is plugged into the saturn. If it's plugged in the wrong way, there's a static/hissing noise when you start your saturn up. Just plug it out and stick it in the other way.
AstroBlue, your Model 2 isn't strange. If anything Xai's Model 1 is strange.

It appears that Sega made some Model 1 (oval button) Saturns with newer 21 pin internals rather 20 pin.
My model # is MK-80000 as well, will this work on my machine? I'd assume the actual serial # varies from machine to machine.

Also is the ribbon long enough or did you need to buy an extension or longer ribbon?
The serial number is different in each saturn (I Think). That's the actual ribbon, check the inside of your saturn. If it's 21-pin it might work. So far it's worked for me, norberto and fakk. Me and norberto got it working with modboards from gamegizmo, and although I have no way to check if my lik-sang mod was indeed damaged I haven't had any luck with it.
I guess it's just because they had more oval button shells than '20 pin' internals but probably not enough to justify a new Model #.

It could have been just one last production run to clear out the old shells. Who knows?
I have a PAL model 2 Satrun, and I actually have 5 different pins on the power board instead of the usual 4. Which pin do I solder the power wire on to?
It would be best if you could get a volt meter onto the power supply to be sure, because I've got two model 2 PAL Saturns and they have different power supplies. There might be more variations, I don't know.

However, the two I've got have one 5v pin in common.

One has and the other has

9v 9v

5v 5v

5v 3.3v

0v 0v

0v 0v

with the 9v being closest to the power cable.

So you could probably fairly safely solder to the second pin, but I can't guarantee it. Check it if you can.