Pittsburgh Penguin Fans?

I must admit the first few games i saw kinda disapointed me.. but as of late the games have been pretty fun to watch again. Especially with that new goalie, hes awesome so far.


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I'm a Pens fan, but man, they suck. Ever since Jagr left, and they started trading away their good players because they couldn't afford them, it's been downhill. All teams have their down seasons. We'll see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath for them to turn around any time soon.

edit: and being a native of Rochester, I have a soft spot for the Sabres too. Sucks that the network that played all their games got pulled from the basic cable lineup. Those bastards.


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!Go Leafs Go!

But they sometimes make me want to... :puke: or even.... :damn: and then there are other times that i just want to... :cheers and... :wanker...i mean... :party