playing import panzer dragoon saga


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I need help, I have a copy of azel, the import panzer dragoon saga, and I am having trouble playing it with my saturn, with the 4 in 1 cart. however other japanese games, such as xmen vs streetfighter, burning rangers, and house of the dead all play fine, does anyone know the action replay master code, or does anyone have any clue, aside from modding or the swap trick. Although I am gonna mod a saturn in the near future, I need a 1st gen saturn. (the one with the oval buttons.) Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated, thanks..
thanks I tried that, but it loads the sega logo, then it says "please remove cartridge" and the letters are in the panzer dragoon type. then it goes back to the cd player screen. the disks are clean.. any other assistance.
PD Saga doesn't like RAM cartridges, and it sees your cart as RAM upon startup. You have three ways of solving your dilemma:

1. Install a region switch (us/jap).

2. Get an ST-Key, which is a converter-only cartridge with no RAM.

3. Risk damaging your Saturn by pulling your cartridge out as soon as PD Saga starts booting...
4. Do the swap trick. (Forgot that one.)

BTW, why do you "need" a model-1 Saturn?
because the mod chip i have is for the 21 pin saturn or the 22 pin it is for the oval buttoned system, the "ST" thing you mentioned whats that, I have not heard of those?

There are no 22pins ModBoards...

Model1 Saturns (oval button) use 20pins Modboards

Model2 Saturns (round buttons) use 21pins...

The ST Key is a cart that *just* allows you to play foreign games (like Jap games on US/European consoles) this cart has no other functions...

But you have another solution... just follow the Skank's Guide (look in the Miscellaneous Section, here at SX) for ripping the PDsaga cds to the hard-drive and apply a patch Antime has developed that allows you to play PDsaga with 3rd party carts inserted (like the 4-in-1)... (Antime's Stuff)

This patch also gets rid of the country code protection...

Just note that you should not rip the game using RAW Mode (2352 bytes per sector) as this patch only works with cooked format (2048 bytes per sector).

To use that patch you'll need an IPS patcher, here you can find one for Windows: IPSwin

I hope you understand... And I hope I'm giving you correct information... (if someone notices something wrong just say it...)
thanks , your right it was the 20 or 21 not a 22 pin mod chip. that was a mistake on my part. I appreciate your help. I am going to get workin on my saturn asap. thanks again for all the help.


PD Saga doesn't like RAM cartridges, and it sees your cart as RAM upon startup. You have three ways of solving your dilemma:

There is actually a code for the AR4-in-1 that gets you past the "please remove cartridge"-screen. I remember that CyberWarrior X posted a code that worked fine for me.

Well it got me to the end of the intro, but then it just freezed, but that had more to do with that the game I have is busted. ???

So just search here in the forum and you might find the old post, if it's still here. I could've helped you myself since I do have the code saved to my AR-cartridge, but right now my Saturn is putted away in my wardrobe(sp?), but if you can't find the old post and noone else can help you It's not a huge problem to get it up. I've been dying to play Dracula X: Nocturne in the moonlight again for a while now anyway.